We provide investment solutions to our clients based on their expectations. Clients are able to take advantage of our investment philosophy and state of the art proprietary research methodology. In this brave new world we are glad to do our part in modern wealth creation.

What are crypto currencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that is decentralized. Cryptocurrencies are assets that can be transferred and circulated without central monetary authorities, such as governments and central banks. The oldest cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which was invented in 2009 and since has seen huge growth. Cryptocurrencies are a revolution in technological and financial sense, underlying technology – blockchain is a revolution on its own as an innovative recordkeeping tool that became widely used outside of cryptocurrencies.

Invest with Ascent Wealth Creations

Ascent Wealth Creations is currently fielding interest from new investors globally.

We are open to international and qualified accredited Iceland investors (including self-directed IRAs).

We accept new investors every day.

How can you benefit from this new asset class?

Unprecedented growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies makes this new asset class very attractive to all types of investors. Stories of overnight millionaires and multinational companies holding these assets are just several examples of how different types of investors can benefit from this new industry. We offer our services so that any potential customer can achieve their financial goals using our investment philosophy and proprietary research methodology.

Wealth creations concept

With new technology and asset classes come new opportunities. We offer our services so that our clients can take advantage of our research and know-how and achieve their financial goals.


Ascent Wealth Creations team have combined investment and analysis experience of over 94 years.

We strive to provide customers with investment insights and bring them in to the decision makeing process, this help elevate our customers understanding of market trends and the big picture analysis.

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